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The Dandelion Poster:

The story behind the dandelion poster:
I love dandelions because they remind me of spring, of the first warm days running around in the sun, picking up endless amounts of them and blowing their seeds into the wind. They are also resilient AF. If there’s a tiny patch of green between concrete or a crack in the asphalt, you’ll see dandelions growing out of them. They’re some of the first flowers to come out after the cold and rainy end of winter, bringing a bit of colour into the grey. They provide much-needed pollen for the dwindling bee populations, and apparently, they’ve been used in the past to treat infections. So yes, dandelions are totally badass.

This dandelion posters are printed on a super durable thick paper with a matte finish, so they won’t rip into pieces like that poster of that boy band you kept in your room for way too long.

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