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The Lorelsberg Mountain Poster:

This mountain poster is a very personal design, which is why I gave it my name. It represents a concept I first encountered when I learned to meditate – Body like a mountain, Heart like an ocean, Mind like the sky. While this refers to very specific things about meditation like sitting firmly grounded and following the ups and downs of your breath, it has come to mean a lot more to me. Body like a mountain – it’s what’s keeping you grounded, so take care of it and keep it strong. Heart like an ocean – which goes right back to calming down, even after the most extreme ups and downs. Mind like the sky – always keep an open and clear mind so that your actions aren’t based on the BS my anxious brain is normally producing.

The poster is printed on a super durable thick paper with a matte finish, so they won’t rip into pieces like that poster of that boy band you kept in your room for way too long.

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