Plant tattoos for plant lovers

I love plants, because we all know that #plantsmakepeoplehappy. I’m definitely well on my way to becoming a bit of a crazy plant lady. And obviously I’m not alone in my love for the green leafy goodness of our daylight loving flatmates (as long as it’s not too direct). People have been sharing their love through amazing photos, illustrations, paintings, and of course getting their love eternalised on their skin with a badass plant tattoo.

If, like me, you’re thinking of getting a new tattoo, here are some of my favourite plant tattoo inspirations out there.

1. Monstera Tattoo

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Can indoor plants really cool a room? Like for real?

It. is. hot.

While I’m writing this, Europe is melting under a heatwave. Trust me, I won’t argue with people who are using air conditioners to survive temperatures of over 40° degrees. I was one of them before I moved to the considerably cooler Sweden. However, it does get me thinking though. The hotter it gets the more air conditioning we’re using which means the hotter it’s going to get. A vicious circle of air conditioned doom.

Cover Image - Indoor Plants with title 'Can Indoor Plants really cool down a room'?

Cool down a room without air conditioning?

So what alternatives are there? Apart from the obvious, like keeping your shades down and switching off unused electronics, there are also tons of articles out there about how indoor plants can help cool down a room. Seriously? It’s the dream! Imagine for a plant lover like myself to find out that to help save the planet I would have to FILL MY HOUSE UP WITH PLANTS?! Where do I sign up?

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How to create your own Urban Jungle

Using plants to turn your flat into an urban jungle can really liven up your living space. Not only do plants filter the air, they also bring a great contrast to the concrete, brick and paint. An urban jungle gives you a place to escape to and recharge from the grind and grime of the city.

But how do you go about it? As a person who has involuntarily killed many plants in her life, I can tell you that it’s not just about finding some pretty plants and putting them on your window sill.

How to turn your flat into an urban jungle #urbanjungle #gardening #plants

I wanted to share some tips and tricks with you that I’ve found very helpful for building my own urban jungle – a work constantly in progress.

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