Plant tattoos for plant lovers

I love plants, because we all know that #plantsmakepeoplehappy. I’m definitely well on my way to becoming a bit of a crazy plant lady. And obviously I’m not alone in my love for the green leafy goodness of our daylight loving flatmates (as long as it’s not too direct). People have been sharing their love through amazing photos, illustrations, paintings, and of course getting their love eternalised on their skin with a badass plant tattoo.

If, like me, you’re thinking of getting a new tattoo, here are some of my favourite plant tattoo inspirations out there.

1. Monstera Tattoo

2. Palm in a Box Tattoo

3. Chrysanthemum and Succulent Tattoo

4. Books, Tea, and Plant Tattoo

5. Snake Plant Tattoo

6. Leafy Houseplant Tattoo

7. Fern Tattoo

8. Single Leaf Tattoo

9. Pilea Tattoo

10. Audrey 2 Tattoo 🙂

Because Audrey 2 might just be the most famous house plant of them all…

Not ready to get inked?

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