30+ Art Journal Prompts for your empty Planner Pages

art journal prompts

Do you also like to fill up your empty planner pages with some original art work? Every month, I leave some spreads empty on purpose between my weekly spreads, so that I have some space to let off some creative steam. My planner is therefore a nice hybrid between a bullet journal and an art journal.

But staring at those empty white pages can be tough don’t have any inspiration. I’ve therefore created this list of prompts to kick start you to get your creative juices flowing.

List of Art Journal Prompts

  1. Favourite childhood memory
  2. Favourite music
  3. Winter
  4. Best event you have witnessed
  5. Your happy place
  6. A country / place you would like to visit
  7. Your favourite sound
  8. Green
  9. Your life in 2 years
  10. The coolest animal you know
  11. Ice Cream
  12. Design your own aquarium
  13. Favourite sweet food
  14. Favourite colour
  15. Your own personal jungle
  16. Summer
  17. I wish I was a…
  18. Best decade ever
  19. Spring
  20. Nostalgia
  21. Favourite Movie
  22. If I could travel back in time..
  23. Rainbow
  24. Grandma’s House
  25. Flowers
  26. Best moments this month
  27. Mixed Media
  28. Favourite Book
  29. Autumn
  30. Favourite Artist
  31. Yellow
  32. If I had 3 wishes…
  33. Self Portrait
  34. Science
  35. Fruit

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