The Lorelsberg Creative Planner

The Lorelsberg Creative planner is a 12-month, undated planner, ready for you to colour and decorate to really make it your own. Take your art supplies and just enjoy the process of creating!

It has 12 unique monthly themes, each with a monthly overview and 5 unique weekly spreads, and a blank double page in between months for you to use as you like.

The Planner is completely undated. So you can start any month of the year. And you can start your week on Monday or Sunday.

Each month’s theme tells a different story, which all tie together into one epic tale of discovery and adventure…

It’s printed on high-quality 150gsm uncoated paper, which is stitched and lies flat, so it can keep up with your creative weapon of choice:

– Coloured Pencils
– Brush Pens
– Fine Liners
– Highlighters
– Acrylic Pens
– Even Watercolours (to an extent if you don’t soak it in too much water)
However, don’t use alcohol-based markers on it. That stuff will bleed through anything!

You can use it for… anything you want!

– For Daily Chores
– With the Bullet Journal Method
– Daily Doodles
– Journaling
– Art Journalling
– Photo Journalling
– Drawing a picture of a cat each day

It’s yours to make your own. It doesn’t have to look pretty or be super instagrammable in the end. What’s important is that you have fun with it and enjoy your creative side.