5 Nature GIFs To Calm Your Ass Down For A Minute

Do all your tasks and chores seem a bit overwhelming? Feeling a bit stressed and anxious?
Take a quick regenerating trip to nature with these super soothing nature GIFs. Let them take you away for a minute, and return a bit more relaxed and ready to tackle the rest of the day.

5 Nature GIFs to calm your ass down for a minute #antistress #nature #destress

1. Raindrops

Look at those rain drops coming down and imagine them washing all that shit away that’s stressing you out. Dirty dishes filling up the sink? Just put them outside. Clients getting on your case? Put them outside too! Listen to the rain, take a deep breath of that clean fresh air. Breath out. Yesssss.


2. Sun shining through the trees

Can’t see the forest for all the trees? No worries, here it is.


3. Mountain Lake

Take of those office shoes and dip your feet into this ice cold mountain lake. If you’re brave enough, dive in and let the cold water wash over you. Look at the mountains and realise that most of the shit stressing you out isn’t really all that important.


4. Camp Fire

You’ve got the fire going, your friends are on the way. Get your smore stick ready, open up an ice cold beer, sit back and relax. It’s gonna be a great night.


5. Reflections on a Tree

I just can’t stop looking at the water reflecting on this tree. It’s so hypnotic and calming. Maybe I’ll just close my eyes for a tiny little bit. Only for a second…


Bonus: Just Keep Swimming

Still feel like it’s all a bit much and you don’t know how to get through it. Get some inspiration from this little dude and just keep swimming, you’ll get there eventually! Although he might not…

I hope you enjoyed your small excursion with our collection of nature GIFs, and now feel re-energised and ready to tackle the rest of your day.

Need even more calm?

2 thoughts on “5 Nature GIFs To Calm Your Ass Down For A Minute

  1. A beautiful post.. I feel calmer already!

  2. This is lovely. Hopefully, next time it’s not just the picture I’d stare at!

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