DIY: Forest Leaves Tea Lights

Enjoy your local nature in your home with these easy to make tea lights.

DIY - Nature Tea Lights made with local leaves and flowers. #diy #craft #nature

Simply collect flowers and leaves from local trees when you’re out for a walk. Pick the ones you like the most, but make sure to have a good variety of sizes, shapes, and colours.

You’ll also need some soil (from your garden or for flower pots), double-sided tape and jars of your choice, such as mason jars.

I used two of the old jam jars I keep around for such projects. (I also had a glue stick as back up but ended didn’t use it in the end.)

DIY - Nature Tea Lights made with local leaves and flowers. #diy #craft #nature

Assembling Your Tea Lights

Use the double-sided tape to attach the leaves and flowers to your jar. You want to make sure that your leaves are spaced out evenly, with no giant gaps, but with enough spacing to let the light shine through.

DIY - Nature Tea Lights made with local leaves and flowers. #diy #craft #nature

I had some plants leftover that I didn’t want to throw out, so I simply arranged them in a glass with some water which goes nicely with the candles.

Once you’re happy with your leave arrangement, and you’ve made sure that everything is stuck on tightly, fill the jar with some soil – about 1/3 of the way.

This will give the bottom part a nice earthy colour and provide for a stable bed for your tea lights.

You can now add your candles, light them up and enjoy the natural light bringing a bit of forest romance into your living room.

Reusing the Jars

As is the way with nature, the leaves and flowers will wilt after a while. Since we’ve assembled the entire light with double-sided tape, you can easily remove the plants.

Because of the soil, there also shouldn’t be any wax spills in your jar. You can throw the soil back in the yard, wash the jar and start the whole fun over again whenever you feel like it, keeping your decor in line with the season.

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