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11 Beautiful Mountain Tattoos

Mountain tattoos are my new favourite thing.

Does looking at the mountains make all your worries seem utterly unimportant? Would you prefer a trip to the mountains over a beach vacation anytime? Are you also a fan of getting inked? Then I’m sure you’ve already considered getting a mountain tattoo yourself.

11 beautiful mountain tattoos - Lorelsberg #mountains #tattoo #mountaintattoos

I finally got my own for my birthday this year and I couldn’t be happier. Now, each time I look at my arm I can escape the noise of the city and travel off to the mountains for a peaceful minute.

If you’re looking for some inspiration for your own mountain tattoo, I’ve collected some of the most beautiful mountain tattoos below.

1. The classic black outline

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2. A colourful mountain sunset

3. Don’t disturb the wildlife

4. The official Wanderlust logo?

5. Mountains and Waves

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6. Watercolour Mountain Tattoo

7. A river runs through it

8. Reflections

9. Realistic Mountain Tattoos

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10. The Backpacker

11. Those colours though

I hope you found some inspiration for your own awesome mountain tattoo. If getting a tattoo is a bit too much commitment for now, you can head over to our shop and check out our very own mountain inspired designs.

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  1. Oh wow these are really awesome. Great inspiration!

  2. OMG all of it looks lovely!!!

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