What the hell is forest bathing?

Obviously (gestures widely around the website), I’m a fan of nature and all that planty mountainy good stuff. So I was quite surprised when I recently came across the term “forest bathing” and had no idea what the hell people were talking about.

What the hell is forest bathing?

The first image that came to mind was me lying in a bathtub in the middle of a forest. That. would. be. awesome.

Forest Bathing?! – Photo by Cecilia Medina on Unsplash

So I looked that shit up to see how I could get myself a bubble forest bath. Turns out, I was totally wrong.

Forest bathing is a practice the Japanese came up with. They call it Shinrin-Yoku (which literally means forest bathing) and it’s the practice of walking around in a forest, all relaxed like, and taking in its atmosphere. Mentally and spiritually bathing yourself in the awesomeness of the trees, the sounds, the air, and everything around you.

We’ve already talked about how trees can help reduce stress, but that’s not all. Taking a good long bath in nature has been proven to also boost your immune system, lower your blood pressure, help you focus, and improve your sleep. YES PLEASE!

In our busy-as-a-virtue-always-connected-culture I think many of us unfortunate city dwellers could use a good dose of forest to disconnect, destress, and calm the mind a little bit.

Let’s find our nearest forest or park or group of trees, and go bathe in it! Just don’t be taking your clothes off or licking a tree or nothing.

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