10 Amazing Tree Tattoos

Pine trees in the forest, palm trees on the beach, or bonsai trees in the garden – every tree tells a story. If you’re thinking about getting a tree tattoo yourself, I’ve collected some amazing tree tattoos in this article to help inspire you.

Whether you like colour, black and grey, or simple line work tattoos, trees are a great subject for all styles. Which story will your tree tattoo tell?

10 amazing tree tattoos. Lorelsberg - Design Inspired by Nature #trees #tattoos #nature

1. Watercolour Rainbow Tree

Let me start off with a splash of colour. How happy does this watercolour tree make you?


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2.Dotwork Forest

I love how the forest blends over in the geometric design which then slowly fades out.


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3. Geometric Tree Tattoo

Geometric tattoos are all the rage these days and rightfully so. This tree looks like it’s enclosed in a crystal.


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4. Simple Palm Tree

The simplicity of this palm tree tattoo is what makes it so gorgeous. You don’t need ocean waves or cheesy sunsets to be instantly transported to a beach.


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5. Trees and Moons

The long straight lines in this tattoo are perfect for the placement on the lower arm.


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6. Childhood Memories

Where other tattoos tell a small story, this one writes a whole book. About endless childhood days in the summer spent swinging in the tire and carelessly climbing around on the trees in the neighbourhood.


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7. Trees at Night

The way light and dark is used in this tattoo to make it look like the moonlight is reflected on the top of the trees is just awesome.

8. Moder Art Tree Tattoo

The colourful swirls in this tree tattoo give it a ton of movement. Like you could jump into it and emerge in some distant fairy land.

9. Colourful Tree of Life Tattoo

Tree of Life Tattoos come in all shapes and colours. The orange and green background and the circle make this example especially gorgeous.


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10. Bonsai Tattoo

Epic is not a word I would usually associate with bonsai trees, but this japanese style tattoo makes the bonsai look totally badass.


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I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of tree tattoos and feel inspired to get your own.


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2 thoughts on “10 Amazing Tree Tattoos

  1. I love nature and these tress are really cool , I don’t have tattoos but these trees are certainly motivating me to get one .

  2. I liked the 4th tattoo… Simple and cute

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