15 Retro Tattoos to make you feel nostalgic

neon ice cream retro tattoos nostalgia

At the moment of writing this, we are at the backend of the first Covid 19 lockdown. One thing I noticed was that I’ve been getting a lot more nostalgic lately, thinking about childhood toys and old memories with friends.

I’m obviously not the only one, as I’ve been seeing some great tattoos commemorating the past.

Here is a collection of some great retro tattoos that had my nostalgia running hard.

1. The Original Trolls

2. Amazing Floppy Disc Retro Tattoo

3. My Little Pony Tattoo

4. It’s a me, Mario!

5. Super Nintendo controller tattoo

6. Gameboy Tattoo

7. He-Man’s Skeletor Tattoo

8. Amazing Audio Tape

9. VHS Tattoo

10. All the best cartoons in one tat

11. More Care Bare Awesomeness

12. The Tamagotchi is aliiive

13. Indestructible Nokia Tattoo

14. N64 Controller Tattoo

15. Amazing Love Bug Tattoo

Not ready to get inked?

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