How to Corner to Corner (C2C) Crochet – Beginner’s Tutorial (Left-Handed)

corner to corner crochet tutorial yarn

Corner to Corner, or C2C, crocheting is everybody’s new favourite thing it seems. And to be fair, I totally understand why. C2C gives you amazing options for creating patterns.

The main idea is that you work from the bottom left corner to the top right corner of a piece by creating diagonal rows of small blocks, a bit like pixels in an old computer game.

Because of the blocks, and the fact that you can change colour just for one block if needed, you can create all kinds of amazing motifs, or just play around with the colours and the textures.

I can tell, you totally want in on that fun, why else would you be here, right? Right on.

The following tutorial will walk you through all the basic moves of C2C crocheting: increasing, decreasing, and changing colour.

1. How to get started on your C2C crochet – Increasing

Each block is made up a chain of 2 and 3 double crochets. To create the first block you:

  1. Chain 5
  2. Double Crochet into the 3rd chain (from the beginning of the chain)
  3. Double Crochet into the 2nd chain
  4. Double Crochet into the 1st chain

That’s it!!! You’ve created your first C2C block. Now on to the next one.

  1. Chain 5
  2. Flip your work over so that the chain is on the left of the block
  3. Double Crochet into the 3rd chain (from the beginning of the chain)
  4. Double Crochet into the 2nd chain
  5. Double Crochet into the 1st chain

Man, that’s 2 blocks down. Now you want to join the two blocks by making a slip stitch into the first block’s chain space, so you’re basically attaching the top right corner of block 2 to the top left corner of block 1.

The next block is how you will make most of the blocks in your work. After you’ve attached your previous block with slip stitch, you:

  1. Chain 2
  2. 3 double crochet into the chain 2 space.
  3. Connect to adjacent block with a slip stitch.

2. Changing Colour

Changing colour is pretty simple. I do this when I connect the block with the slip stitch. So you go through the chain 2 space with your hook and then yarn over with the new colour and pull through the loop with the old colour. Then chain 2 to start your next block in the new colour. Tighten up any loose loops and rock on.

3. How to decrease your C2C crochet

Once you have come to the widest point in your work, you will start decreasing instead of increasing. This is a good thing because it means it means you’re halfway there!

So instead of adding a new block at the end of each row by adding a chain 5, you take away a block. You do this by slip stitching through the top of the last block in your row, so that you start on top of it rather than next to it.

Sometimes words are a bit confusing, so here is a handy diagram:

Or better yet, some photos:

Now you have all the important tools to start your first corner to corner crochet project.

I’m already dreaming of all kinds of patterns that I can create for your guys. Let me know how you get on!

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7 thoughts on “How to Corner to Corner (C2C) Crochet – Beginner’s Tutorial (Left-Handed)

  1. Thank you! My brain couldn’t process how to do this from the right handed tutorial I was using. In that tutorial she says she reads the pattern starting in the bottom right corner; is it different for lefties?

    1. Hi Mindy. I’m glad it helped! I also read patterns from the bottom right corner.

      1. I got blocks 1-3, but it doesn’t make sense where to go next … a few more blocks would be useful, please.

  2. As a lefty, I also found this difficult to follow being a newbie to crocheting. A video tutorial for lefties might have been better.

  3. I have made many c2c, but always started in the right hand corner. The one I am making starts in the left hand corner. I have reached my width and height, but not sure how to decrease. Do I do it on the right side or left side.

  4. I tried it both ways haven’t mastered it yet won’t give up. Just need an video for lefties to follow

  5. Why when I start decreasing the pattern doesn’t work even tho I’ve followed it and double checked it

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